How to Download Full Udemy Course to Your Computer for FREE

Once downloaded, the installation is straight forward.

Step 2: Log in to your account

Login to your account as you would on Udemy website. Udeler provides 3 convenient options to choose from. For brevity, we shall go with the login option labelled “Login Using Credentials.” If you have forgotten your password, you can always reset it on Udemy website here.

Udeler Login
Udeler Login View
Udemy Login
Udemy Login Popup

Step 3: Download Any of Your Enrolled Courses

Once successfully logged in, you should see courses you have enrolled for in a view like this:

Udeler Dashboard
A list of courses as shown on Udeler dashboard
  • International ID/visa(s)
  • Individual ID, including an understudy ID card in the event that you have one
  • Regular customer card(s) and other dedication program cards, for example, a lodging or inn
  • Money and credit card(s)
  • Medical coverage cards/document(s)
  • Travel protection information
  • Reservations and schedules
  • Lodging as well as visit contact data
  • Transportation tickets (plane, prepare, transport, auto, and so on.)
  • Crisis contacts and critical locations

It’s a smart thought to twofold check your travel papers and IDs aren’t terminated. You’ll likewise need to advise your bank in case you’re voyaging abroad so they don’t expect fake movement and stop your card. You may likewise need to email yourself a duplicate of your visa, driver’s permit, medicinal cards and agenda, so on the off chance that anything transpires you’ll have the capacity to get to them on the web.

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